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IQOS Heets Dimensions Limited Edition Flavors

Heets Limited Edition

3 Flavors

0.5 MG

14 Puffs

10 Packs / 200 Heat Sticks

Heets Made For IQOS

For those looking for a new kind of experience, our Dimensions Limited Edition is the perfect blend. With flavours such as yugen (RICH & FLORAL), noor(WARM AND ZESTY) , and ammil(MELLOW AND HERBAL). The response from customers has been overwhelming.

61 AED

IQOS Heets Dimensions Ammil

Taste : Citrusy and warm in taste. Featuring nutty notes with citrus and fruity notes, this blend is extraordinarily elegant.

61 AED

IQOS Heets Dimensions Noor

Taste : It has notes of citrus and fruity flavors, as well as a nutty flavor.

61 AED

IQOS Heets Dimensions Yugen

Taste : The taste is rich and floral. Featuring a delicious blend of fruity notes and floral aromas with a refreshing tinge.

With their unique blend of tobacco and special paper, the IQOS Heets offers a rich, satisfying vaping experience unlike anything else on the market. And thanks to the portability and convenience of the IQOS Heets, you can enjoy your favorite flavor whenever and wherever you want.

So whether you're a long-time tobacco aficionado or just looking to try something new, the IQOS Heets is the perfect vaping option for you. So why wait? Buy IQOS Heets today and experience vaping like never before!

Flavors of IQOS Heets Dimensions

Following are the trending IQOS Heets Dimensions Flavors.


Heets Noor

When you first try IQOS Heets Dimensions Noor, you'll be blown away by the amazing flavor. This unique blend of fruity and nutty aromas is unlike anything you've ever tasted before, and it's sure to leave you wanting more. The tobacco used in IQOS Heets Dimensions Noor is specially selected for its rich, satisfying flavor, and the paper is designed to maximize the flavor and aroma of each puff.


Heets Ammil

Heets Ammil has a smoking flavor that is a combination of basil, vanilla, and mint herbs. This flavor is unique and refreshing, and it is perfect for smokers who want to enjoy a flavorful smoke. The herbs used in Heets Ammil give it a smooth and mellow taste, and smokers will love the flavor of this tobacco.


Heets Yugen

With Heets Yugen you will feel the fruity notes of flavors. Heets Yugen has a rich flavor of ripe pear, and the smoke is smooth and refreshing. It feels light, and the delicate aromas of lavender and white jasmine are quite pleasant. The taste is slightly less intense than the Marlboro.

For more product details of IQOS Heets Dimension, please see the product page. If you have difficulty in choosing flavors or any other difficulties with the order, please click on following whatsapp icon, We are here to help you to select best flavor for you.

Reasons to Choose IQOS Heets Dimension

Healthy Smoking Experience

Healthy Smoking Experience

IQOS Heets Dimension is a healthier alternative than traditional tobacco or other e-cigarettes, as it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals or carcinogens. Instead, it uses real tobacco that has been heat-treated to preserve its flavor and aroma, without the negative health effects associated with smoking.

Variety of Flavors and Styles

Variety of Flavors and Styles

With IQOS Heets Dimension, you can choose from a wide range of flavors and styles to find the perfect one for your tastes. Whether you prefer sweet or savory flavors, you will be sure to find the perfect option with IQOS Heets Dimension.

No Tar & Cancer-Causing Chemicals

No Tar & Cancer-Causing Chemicals

As mentioned above, IQOS Heets Dimension uses real tobacco that has been heat-treated to preserve its flavor and aroma. This means that you will not be exposed to the harmful tar and cancer-causing chemicals that are found in traditional tobacco products.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

IQOS Heets Dimension is incredibly easy to use, whether you are a new or experienced vaper. You simply have to insert your IQOS Heets in an IQOS heating device and you will be good to go, without having to deal with complicated settings or assembly.

No Bad Breath

No Bad Breath

One of the most unpleasant aspects of smoking is dealing with bad breath and yellowing teeth. But, with IQOS Heets Dimension, you won't have to worry about those issues.

Heets Dimension Product Comparison:

Product Name Aroma Note Flavor Taste/Strength Price Box Color Customer Review Total Sold
IQOS Heets Dimensions Ammil Featuring nutty notes with citrus and fruity notes, this blend is extraordinarily elegant IQOS Heets Dimensions Ammil Citrus & Warm 139 AED White Box with Green border ★★★★★ (0 reviews) 1224+ sold
IQOS Heets Dimensions Noor Notes of citrus and fruity flavors, with nutty flavor. IQOS Heets Dimensions Noor Citrus & Fruity 139 AED White Box with Golden border ★★★★★ (1 reviews) 1223+ sold
IQOS Heets Dimensions Yugen Delicious blend of fruity notes and floral aromas with a refreshing tinge. IQOS Heets Dimensions Yugen Rich & Floral 139 AED White Box with Purple border ★★★★★ (0 reviews) 1254+ sold

Heets Dimension FAQ

What is the difference between IQOS Heets Dimensions and traditional cigarettes?

IQOS Heets Dimensions are a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes that use special heat-not-burn technology. Unlike traditional cigarettes, IQOS Heets Dimensions do not contain any tobacco, instead heating up real tobacco leaves to create flavorful vapor. They also come in a variety of flavors and pack sizes, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a convenient, enjoyable smoking experience.

Can I quit smoking with IQOS Heets Dimensions?

Of course, in fact, this is the most convenient way to quit smoking. You will get all the same pleasure and satisfaction from smoking but without the harmful chemicals that you would find in traditional cigarettes. IQOS Heets Dimensions are a great way to take control of your smoking, and with fewer chemicals and less ash, you'll enjoy the benefits of quitting much faster.

Are IQOS Heets Dimensions expensive?

No, they're actually quite affordable.

How to use IQOS Heets Dimensions?

You just need to insert IQOS Heets Dimensions in your IQOS device and you're good to go. Each IQOS Heets Dimension contains real tobacco leaves that are heated instead of burned, creating a smooth and flavorful vapor for you to enjoy.

What to do with used IQOS Heets Dimensions?

When your IQOS Heets Dimensions have been used, you just need to dispose of them in the appropriate trash receptacle.

Why are IQOS Heets Dimensions shorter than normal cigarettes?

IQOS Heets Dimensions sticks are shorter as compared to normal rolling but they last the same amount of time. This is because IQOS Heets Dimensions use a special heat-not-burn technology to heat real tobacco leaves, and produce clean smoke.

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