Differences Between HEETS and TEREA Sticks – Which One Is Better

Differences Between HEETS and TEREA Sticks – Which One Is Better?

Do you need help to choose between HEETS and TEREA sticks for your IQOS device? 

With so many options available, undertaking differences and making an informed decision can be challenging.

HEETS and TEREA sticks are distinct tobacco consumables designed for IQOS devices

HEETS offer a consistent tobacco taste, while TEREA sticks provide a cleaner experience with no tobacco residue due to their sealed design. 

Both use heat-not-burn technology but differ in composition and user experience.

This guide will help you determine which HEETS or TEREA stick best suits your preferences and device.

Let’s get started with an overview!

Differences Between HEETS and TEREA Sticks – A Quick Overview

HEETS and TEREA sticks offer unique smoking experiences, each with its own set of features and benefits.

Let’s take a quick look at what sets them apart:

What Are HEETS Sticks? An Overview

HEETS, the pioneering product line in the IQOS heated tobacco range, are sticks filled with natural tobacco designed to be inserted into the IQOS holder. 

Unlike traditional cigarettes, they heat tobacco rather than burn it, significantly reducing the emission of harmful chemicals. 

HEETS offers a bridge for smokers transitioning from conventional smoking to heated tobacco alternatives.

What Are TEREA Sticks? An Overview

TEREA sticks represent the next evolution in heat-not-burn technology, specifically engineered for the IQOS ILUMA series. 

These sticks are distinguished by their internal metal heating element, which ensures a consistent heating process without tobacco residue.

This way, they promote a cleaner and more maintenance-free user experience, and users prefer them the most.

The Composition

HEETS and TEREA sticks are different based on their structural design. Here is a breakdown of the structural differences between the two types: 

HEETS Sticks

HEETS tobacco sticks feature a unique design comprising six distinct elements, each contributing to the user’s experience.

  • External Filter

HEETS sticks have an external filter made of cellulose acetate, which resembles a conventional cigarette.

  • Cooling Filter

Cooling filters are made from polylactic acid (PLA), which tempers vapor from heated tobacco.

  • Inner Tube Filter

The inner tube filter channels vapor toward the cooling filter while maintaining the compactness of the tobacco.

  • Protective Casing

This casing protects the internal components and contributes to the stick’s durability.

  • Tobacco

The tobacco interacts with the heating blade at one end of the stick, allowing a controlled heating process.

  • Paper

The paper encloses the tobacco and filters, providing a cohesive, user-friendly structure.

TEREA Sticks

TEREA Sticks, engineered exclusively for IQOS ILUMA, integrate sophisticated elements tailored for an enhanced and cleaner experience.

  • Front Seal

Easily insert and remove the holder with this innovative feature that prevents tobacco residue from escaping.

  • Metal Heating Element

The metal heating element, activated through induction, is encased in stainless steel and positioned centrally within the stick.

  • Tobacco

Tobacco in TEREA sticks is specially selected and finely chopped, ensuring even heating and uniform flavor.

  • Ventilation Chamber

The ventilation chamber controls inhalation to ensure a satisfactory inhalation experience.

  • Protective Casing

Like HEETS, the paper casing protects the internal components, ensuring device cleanliness after use.

  • Cooling Element

This element contains cellulose acetate, which cools the tobacco vapor to a comfortable temperature for inhalation.

  • Sealed Design

TEREA sticks feature sealed construction on both ends, eliminating the need to clean devices after use.

User Experiences

User experience is crucial in shaping preferences and habits for alternative tobacco products. Both HEETS and TEREA sticks deliver distinct heat-not-burn experiences customized to different user bases. 

Here is how they are different based on user experience:

HEETS Sticks

Heat-not-burn technology makes HEETS a familiar ritualistic experience akin to smoking. HEETS heats tobacco rather than burns it, delivering nuanced flavors without harmful chemicals. 

As a result, inhalation is cleaner and more pleasant without the intense smoke and ash of traditional cigarettes. 

In addition, HEETS are less smelly than regular cigarettes, making them suited to social settings or environments where smoking isn’t permitted.

For smokers seeking an alternative to conventional cigarettes, HEETS offers an appealing alternative without diluting the experience too much.  

TEREA Sticks

TEREA sticks, on the other hand, push heat-not-burn technology even further. These sticks enhance cleanliness and convenience through their IQOS ILUMA series.

With their sealed design, TEREA sticks leave no tobacco residue after use. This design feature eliminates regular cleaning and provides a consistent tobacco taste. 

With TEREA sticks, the tobacco is heated internally and is enclosed, resulting in a smoke and ash-free inhalation. 

So, enjoying tobacco is effortless and mess-free, resulting in improved user satisfaction.

Device Compatibility

Heat-not-burn tobacco products are based on their compatibility with devices. Compatibility dictates not only user experience but also accessibility and adaptability to diverse needs. 

Although HEETS and TEREA stick provide smoke-free tobacco experiences, their compatibility differs significantly, reflecting IQOS devices’ evolution.

HEETS Compatibility

HEETS sticks are the more versatile option in the heat-not-burn category, compatible with IQOS devices, including the IQOS 3 DUO and previous versions. 

IQOS users don’t have to upgrade to the latest device to enjoy heated tobacco benefits with HEETS. 

HEETS sticks can continue to be used by IQOS users, and they are compatible with various forms of IQOS.

TEREA Compatibility

TEREA sticks, however, are specially designed for the IQOS ILUMA series, the latest innovation in the IQOS range. 

With TEREA sticks, the induction heating system interacts uniquely with the metal components embedded in the ILUMA devices. 

So, TEREA sticks provide a smooth and hassle-free use experience that leverages the full capabilities of the ILUMA series.

Which Tobacco Sticks Should I Use? Our Recommendations

Personal preferences, health considerations, and device compatibility should guide the choice between HEETS and TEREA sticks. 

For users seeking a transitional experience from traditional cigarettes, HEETS may be suitable. 

Conversely, TEREA sticks, compatible with the IQOS ILUMA, may be preferable for those seeking cleaner, more advanced knowledge.

Conclusion – HEETS Vs. TEREA Sticks

Finally, the debate between HEETS and TEREA sticks reflects broader discourses about harm reduction and technological innovation in tobacco use. 

Our health and environment are at risk in this new era, which requires staying informed, evaluating options critically, and making healthy choices. 

The tobacco industry is continually evolving, which impacts how we understand and approach smoking alternatives.

And HEETS and TEREA sticks are among these options. Consider your preferences and tastes and choose the one that suits you best.

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