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Our Refund Policy

The warranty

✔️ Concerning factory defects, our products are covered by a 2-day warranty

✔️ invoice number is required before proceeding.


✔️ You can request a refund or exchange within 2 days of buying the product. All claims that fail to be submitted within this period will be void.

✔️ Refunds or exchanges can be requested within two days of purchasing the product. Claims submitted after two days will no longer be considered.

✔️ You must return the item in its original factory packing if you wish to receive a refund or return.

✔️ No items sold can be returned unless they are.

1. Factory Defects

2. Packaging Mistakes

Our Refund Policy

As soon as your item is received, it will be acknowledged via email. Upon inspection of the item, you will be notified by email whether your refund request has been approved or rejected. Depending on its approval, your refund may be processed via bank transfer or cash in some cases. In case of rejection, the same products will ship back to your shipment address.


We exchange only defective or damaged items. If you wish to exchange the item for the same item, please send us an exchange request to [email protected].


Listed below are items that are not covered by this warranty:


General Accessories such as - Coils, Batteries, chargers, replacement glass etc.

Note that only factory defects are covered under the warranty. If the product is misused or scratched, drop signs are created, or battery or chargers are misused, the warranty will be voided. is not responsible for the following

  • Any form of abuse
  • Dropping your device
  • Scratches
  • In case of force majeure
  • Items opened by someone else
  • Warranties that apply to other products
  • Items with repairs attempted by someone who is not an authorized service agent of
  • Any form of injury resulting from usage, no matter what the circumstances
  • We do not accept liability for damage caused by third party software (that is not provided by
  • A product with an incorrect or missing serial number.


There will be no refunds and no returns. Tasting is very subjective. Often e-liquids that some people find amazing or even crave, others don't, so you cannot have a refund or an exchange based on your dislike of the e-juice. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Since we are unable to determine whether e liquid has been doctored or tampered with , e liquids cannot be returned whether they are unopened, unused, or sealed unless we send you incorrect liquids.


The User agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless from all claims, damages, costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees, that may arise from or are related to the use of the Site.


Damage caused by incorrect usage, maintenance, or learning means such items would not be covered by any warranty. The lifespan of vape gear is entirely dependent on how knowledgeable you are about the capabilities of the device. Vaping is in general a hobby and you can watch some reviews or read some articles about it before placing an order.