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Heets Arbor Pearl

Heets Arbor Pearl

AED 109 AED 200

4.3 ★★★★ (4 Reviews)

Origin : Kazakhstan

Avalibilty : Out of stock

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Heets Sun Pearl

Heets Sun Pearl

AED 109 AED 150

5 ★★★★ (2 Reviews)

Origin : Kazakhstan

Avalibilty : Out of stock

Are you looking forward to a premium quality Heets variety with an efficient delivery in UAE? Heets Pearl collection is one of our hottest-selling Heets with two variants — featuring different flavors and undertones for a refined experience. Get your hands on your favorite flavor to enjoy a safer tobacco experience with smart IQOS devices featuring advanced heat-not-burn technology.

Even if you’re new to heat sticks, the Heets Pearl features a smooth experience with a mild throat hit that doesn’t overpower you. As you begin enjoying your favorite Heet Pearl flavor, menthol freshness and fruity undertones kick in and leave a tempting aftertaste gradually. Each heat stick contains 0.5mg nicotine which is ideally tailored to satisfy your cravings.

Each set contains 10 boxes with 20 heat sticks per pack. A heat stick can provide you with a rich experience of up to 14 puffs which is exactly similar to a conventional cigarette.

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IQOS Heets Pearl Flavors

Enjoy our two distinct flavors from the Heets Pearl range that are formulated for you to embrace a traditional tobacco flavor refined with the modern IQOS heat-not-burn technically.

Heets Sun Pearl

The Heets Sun Pearl offers marvelous effects without overwhelming your senses — so it’s equally joyful for newbies and seasoned tobacco smokers. This flavor incredibly satisfies your tobacco cravings with a flavorful journey with hints of spicy herbs and fruity undertones.

As you start enjoying it, each puff introduces you to a new flavor — menthol freshness, tangy fruitiness, spicy herbs, and classic tobacco flavors. Heets Sun Pearl provides a safe tobacco experience for you if you’re looking forward to quitting smoking, without compromising on your tobacco cravings.

Heets Arbor Pearl

Heets Arbor Pearl provides an intensely divine tobacco experience, especially great for you if you’re a seasoned tobacco smoker. As soon as you hit your IQOS device’s power button, you’re all set to enjoy an overwhelming smoking journey that combines with refreshing citrusy undertones.

The menthol coolness exposes you to a refreshing burst, while the Heets formula helps you enjoy a nice tobacco hit.

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Features Of Heets Pearl Flavors

With its incredible design, Heets Pearl stands out from the rest of the tobacco products on the market. These sticks are created for intense tobacco indulgence without exposure to harmful chemicals and combusted toxins released from conventional tobacco cigarettes.

Have ultimate control over your Heets flavor delivery time with a user-friendly design. Enjoy rich vapors with intense flavors overwhelming your senses.

  • Convenience : Convenient and user-friendly design makes these heat sticks easily operable even if you’re a newbie. An amazing experience is awaiting you, just a button away with a single press that initiates rich vapor production.
  • Premium Quality Filter : An in-built premium quality cellulose acetate filter ensures a cleaner tobacco vapor production for a richer experience.
  • Cooling System : Our products promote smart and innovative designs using sustainable materials to ensure that we provide you with an eco-friendly alternative to smoking. The heatsticks are designed with a corn-made cooling cylinder effectively incorporated for cooling aerosol which is a critical aspect for rich vapor puffs.
  • Smooth Air Flow : The airflow chambers of these heat sticks can effectively redirect the aerosol to the cooking cylinder to produce dense and tempting flavored vapors. They can be comfortably handled throughout your tobacco session.

Why Choose Heets Pearl Sticks Variety

The best part of picking the Heets Pearl Dubai variety is that it features a mild experience that is fit for beginners too. Enjoy a smooth and mild throat hit with rich flavors even if you’re a newbie, and seeking an ideal fit to set off on this flavorful IQOS journey.

One pack of heets pearl collection goes a long way — having 10 packs with each of them containing 20 sticks. Heets pearl variety has got you covered to satisfy your tobacco cravings for a long time. The tobacco content isn’t burnt in Heets. This eliminates smoke, odor, and ash, providing you with a safer tobacco experience and richer vapors.

This unique blend of smart technology and tempting flavors can take your tobacco experience to the next level. IQOS Heets Pearl range is compatible with many IQOS devices including IQOS 3 Multi, IQOS Lil, IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS Original DUO and IQOS Original One Device.

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Enjoy efficient delivery service all across UAE with our diligent team at Heets IQOS UAE. Pick your favorite Heets Pearl Flavor and place your order now, through a simple online ordering process. If you’re struggling with choosing the right flavors, contact our Whatsapp team to assist you through your IQOS Heets online shopping journey.

Our delivery network provides you with authentic Heets products in UAE. We’re offering FREE Heets IQOS delivery in Ajman, Dubai, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al Quwain.


Q How to use Heets Pearl Sticks?

All you need to do is: insert the Heets Pearl stick into the IQOS device holder. Make sure that the tobacco side isn't facing upwards. It should face the downwards direction. If you're still struggling to insert it, probably your device needs some cleaning.

Q How to order IQOS Heets Pearl in UAE?

After choosing your favorite flavor from Heets Pearl UAE, add them to the cart and place your order to buy Heets Pearl online. Your order will be delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 hours for an amazing tobacco experience.

Q Which IQOS devices are compatible with IQOS Heets Pearl?

Heets Pearl can be used with a variety of IQOS devices which adds to its practical feasibility. You don’t have to buy a new IQOS device to use them. Enjoy your Heets Pearl favorites with our IQOS Lil range, IQOS 3 Multi-range, and IQOS original DUO range

Q Are there any delivery charges for IQOS Heets Pearl in Dubai?

Place your orders today in Ajman, Dubai, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al Quwain to enjoy free home delivery without any hidden charges and save your money on high delivery charges.

Q How long will a Heets Pearl stick last?

Each Heets Pearl stick lasts you just as long as a conventional cigarette. Enjoy a similar experience that enables you to enjoy classic tobacco flavors for up to 14 puffs.

Q What is the nicotine content in one Heet Pearl stick?

Enjoy a satisfying nicotine experience with Heets Pearl for IQOS, which contains 0.5mg of nicotine to satisfy your cravings. These heat sticks feature a safer tobacco experience with a reduced number of toxins.

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