IQOS Terea Rich Regular Review

IQOS Terea Rich Regular Review

When asked what is most important in a heat-not-burn tobacco product, many people would answer, “satisfying smoking sensation.” This demand is met by “IQOS TEREA Rich Regular” – a flavor that undoubtedly has the highest level of satisfaction among the numerous IQOS ILUMA-compatible tobacco sticks.

If someone likes regular tobacco, they won’t regret trying this one. Therefore, this article will provide detailed information about “IQOS TEREA Rich Regular,” including personal experiences of trying it.

What is IQOS TEREA Rich Regular?

IQOS TEREA Rich Regular is a regular-type tobacco stick designed exclusively for use with the IQOS ILUMA device. Its taste is “a deep and strong taste.”

Many people who use heated tobacco devices, including IQOS, tend to prefer menthol flavors due to their refreshing sensation that compensates for the lack of satisfying taste and sensation in regular tobacco sticks.

However, there are still many users who seek strong and satisfying regular-type tobacco sticks. IQOS TEREA Rich Regular is an answer to their request.

Many IQOS ILUMA users who prefer regular-type tobacco sticks tend to enjoy IQOS TEREA Rich Regular the most. Its robust and full-bodied taste seems to appeal to those who favor regular-type tobacco sticks.

Checking the Reviews and Reputation of “IQOS TEREA Rich Regular”

According to reviews and reputation of “IQOS TEREA Rich Regular,” it appears that people who were smoking Rich Regular with conventional IQOS have transitioned to this new product. Even those who smoked regular or balanced regular sticks have tried “IQOS TEREA Rich Regular” and found it to be appealing. Since it is blade-heated and has a cleaner taste, users seem to enjoy the stronger smoking sensation.

However, some people mentioned that the flavor is too mild compared to other regular-type tobacco sticks. Despite this, many people are satisfied with “IQOS TEREA Rich Regular” when compared to other regular-type sticks.

One reviewer called it the best regular-type stick, while others praised its taste and said they couldn’t stop smoking it.

Therefore, if someone prefers regular-type tobacco sticks, “IQOS TEREA Rich Regular” is worth trying, according to the reviews.

Review: Tried IQOS TEREA Rich Regular

The packaging of “IQOS TEREA Rich Regular” has a darker blue shade compared to “Teria Regular.” The name is also printed at the top of the package, which could be helpful for those who want to confirm the product before purchasing.

As for the scent, upon opening the package, it had a mild smell that resembled traditional rolled tobacco.

Although the sticks have “TERIA” printed on them with a blue line, it may be difficult to distinguish them from other tobacco sticks without the packaging.

Many people, including the reviewer, have double-checked the product’s name before purchasing it from convenience stores.

Overall, this review aimed to provide insights into the packaging, scent, and appearance of “IQOS TEREA Rich Regular” to help potential users.

Impressions on the smoking sensation, taste, and aroma of IQOS TEREA Rich Regular

After heating and trying the tobacco stick, the first impression of IQOS TEREA Rich Regular was “delicious.”

Unlike other regular types, the taste of the tobacco leaves is direct, possibly due to the absence of unnecessary elements. It is said to be harmonized with the aroma of malt, but there is no discomfort, and the combination works well.

Regarding the smell, the IQOS ILUMA has improved significantly and doesn’t have a typical tobacco smell anymore. Among them, IQOS TEREA Rich Regular is less sweet-smelling, making it more appealing to those who regularly smoke tobacco.

Although the writer tried all the types available, they believe IQOS TEREA Rich Regular is the closest to traditional cigarettes in terms of taste among the IQOS ILUMA tobacco sticks.

Despite its strong and robust flavor, which is emphasized in the product description, it may still have some unique characteristics typical of heated tobacco. However, for those who have smoked traditional cigarettes, it is the most natural and comfortable tobacco stick to try.

Of course, everyone has different preferences when it comes to tobacco, but this is the writer’s experience with IQOS TEREA Rich Regular.


This article provides detailed information and personal experiences of trying “IQOS TEREA Rich Regular.”

If a cigarette user asks for a recommendation for the IQOS ILUMA regular type, “IQOS TEREA Rich Regular” would be the first suggestion. It has a significantly different and satisfying experience in terms of smoking sensation.

While personal preferences may vary, this variant is the closest to a regular cigarette stick.

According to the author, “IQOS TEREA Rich Regular” is their personal favorite among the regular types. However, everyone’s tastes may differ.

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