IQOS Terea Ruby Regular Review

IQOS Terea Ruby Regular Review

A new tobacco stick, “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular,” has been introduced for the IQOS ILUMA.

As the only flavored regular type from Terea, it may attract not only regular tobacco users but also menthol lovers who have switched to heated tobacco.

In this article, we provide detailed information about “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular,” including personal experience of trying it. we believe it could be an interesting challenge to add flavor to the regular type.

If you’re interested, please take a look and consider it as a reference.

What is IQOS Terea Ruby Regular?

IQOS Terea Ruby Regular is a newly released regular-type tobacco stick exclusively for the IQOS ILUMA.

Its test is “A rich berry aroma for regular type.”

IQOS Terea Ruby Regular is the first flavor-based regular type by Terea. Its unique feature is the blend of a rich regular flavor with the taste and aroma of berries.

While flavor-based menthol in heat-not-burn tobacco has become a common offering, flavor-based regular types are relatively rare. This is because the taste can quickly become overwhelming, making it difficult to achieve a balanced flavor.

Furthermore, people who prefer regular types tend to seek a taste and a strong sensation similar to traditional cigarettes. This creates less demand for flavor-based regular types, which is why they have not been a focus of most heat-not-burn tobacco brands until now.

However, at a time when the heat-not-burn tobacco market is expanding, IQOS has released a regular-type tobacco stick that allows users to enjoy flavor. This is what makes IQOS Terea Ruby Regular a standout product.

Checking the Reviews and Reputation of IQOS Terea Ruby Regular

Before trying out “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular,” it may be worthwhile to check the reviews and reputation of the product. Based on the reviews, it seems to be quite popular.

While some regular tobacco stick flavors have mixed opinions, with some finding them delicious and others finding them distasteful, “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular” has overwhelmingly positive reviews.

There are almost no negative reviews, and even those that exist only suggest that other flavors may be preferred over it. Overall, it seems to be an easy-to-smoke regular tobacco stick that many people enjoy.

Based on the reviews and reputation, it appears that “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular” is well-liked among regular tobacco smokers.

IQOS Terea Ruby Regular Review

After a lengthy introduction, let’s move on to the review of “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular.”

Starting with the packaging, it has a blue base, similar to Terea Regular and Terea Rich Regular, with a vivid red-purple on the upper right side, reminiscent of ruby.

If purchasing from a convenience store, it’s easy to mistake it for another brand at first glance. However, “RUBY REGULAR” is written on the top to avoid any confusion.

Upon opening the packaging, a mixed scent of berry and tobacco leaves spreads. At this point, the berry scent seems stronger than expected.

That’s all for the review of “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular.”

Impressions of sucking resistance, taste, and smell

After trying “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular,” the user experienced a rich tobacco flavor and aroma upon heating and inhaling. The taste is then followed by a subtle sweetness of berries that leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

The base of “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular” is likely “Terea Rich Regular.” The smoking sensation is satisfying, although the berry sweetness might have softened the throat hit.

Although “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular” is classified as a flavored regular type, the tobacco flavor and aroma are dominant, and the berry notes serve as a subtle accent. However, the balance between the tobacco and berry elements is exquisite and enhances the natural taste of tobacco.

The user finds it challenging to describe, but they feel that the experience of smoking regular-type cigarettes has transformed into savoring the tobacco flavor and aroma as a flavor. This makes “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular” an enjoyable option for both regular and menthol smokers.

Many people who switched from traditional cigarettes to IQOS have also switched from regular to menthol types, making “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular” a potential option for them.

IQOS Terea Ruby Regular | Evaluation

Sucking Experience★★★★☆ 4/5
Taste★★★★☆ 4/5
Scent★★★★☆ 4/5
Degree of Recommendation★★★★☆ 4.5/5


This article provided detailed information and personal experiences of trying “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular.

As for the personal evaluation, the user thinks it’s an excellent choice. Despite considering themselves a pure regular smoker, they are contemplating making “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular” their main tobacco stick.

Although it’s just their speculation, the idea of flavored regular types might have existed for a long time. However, the concept did not meet their expectations with the previous IQOS model. With the new IQOS ILUMA, the user believes that the absence of unwanted flavors and a clean taste has enabled a delicate balance of flavors, such as the one found in “IQOS Terea Ruby Regular.”

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