Adore The New Heat, Not Burn Tobacco Products

Adore The New Heat, Not Burn Tobacco Products

Heets for IQOS, Heets tobacco sticks have been exceptionally produced for IQOS. For genuine tobacco taste. Heat, not burn tobacco.

What are Heets?

Heets are a totally better approach to enjoy real tobacco. Best tobacco leaves are processed and handled into little tobacco sticks. The variety of flavors goes from rich to refined.

Encounter a new tobacco taste :

Unlike traditional cigarettes, Heets do not contain ash, nor do they contain cigarette smoke or cigarette smoke odors on clothing, hair, or hands. Heets taste completely different from what you know from a cigarette.

Heets for real and genuine tobacco taste. :

Heets sticks bring you the most innovative design, materials and technologies which guarantees you a high quality tobacco experience. Heets stick is a blend of five various components that interact together to produce a high-quality smoke.

How we make Heets. :

Each Heets stick contains a tobacco plug made from one layer of tobacco sheets that is crimped and formed into a tobacco plug using a technique known as ‘cast leaf process’. The tobacco leaves are ground into powder and reconstituted as tobacco sheets.

From plantation to product :

Tobacco is the precursor to Heets sticks through a series of small steps. Every step is devoted to delivering the real tobacco taste experience. It begins with farmers around the globe, from America to Mozambique, Italy to Indonesia. A great deal of care is taken in the field to cultivate the finest quality produce.

This is how the selection process works:

Next, our master blenders pick out the best tobacco origins and qualities, paying particular attention to the aroma and taste (e.g., the amount of richness, ripeness, and strength).

Several years of experience:

To create the perfect blend of tobacco, you need years of experience. Our master blenders must know the flavor profiles in detail and be able to recognize the synergies created when each flavor is combined to give you the familiar flavor varieties.

Modern technology meets authentic tobacco flavor with IQOS tobacco heaters.

A 95% reduction in harmful chemicals.
In comparison to traditional cigarettes, the tobacco is heated, not burned.

*Smoke from IQOS is believed to contain about 12 times fewer toxic chemicals (9 so-called “priority toxicants” identified by the WHO) than smoke from a reference cigarette (3R4F). This is based on the Intense Smoking Regime without nicotine from Health Canada.

No fire, no ash.

Smoking IQOS is a better alternative to continuing to smoke conventional cigarettes because it doesn’t produce fire or ash, nor does it produce a cigarette smoke smell.

No cigarette smoke smell.

In comparison to cigarettes, IQOS produces less smoke smell. IQOS also improves indoor air quality*

It works like this:

To use heets, you will need to insert a stick into the holder, insert a blade inside it, and wait for it to heat the tobacco. The holder vibrates when it’s ready, and the temperature will rise to 350°C.

We invite you to experience the following Heets Classic flavors :

  1. Heets Amber Selection Bundle – Balanced, roasted and having a fine wood note with soft nutty flavors.
  2. Heets Bronze Selection Bundle – Bronze Selection offers long-lasting tobacco flavor with hints of mocha and dried fruits.
  3. Heets Sienna Selection Bundle – Its woody essence and well-rounded tobacco flavor make Heets Sienna Selection a flavorful choice for tobacco lovers.
  4. Heets Yellow Selection Bundle – With a tangy note and a superb, balanced tobacco flavor, Heets Yellow Selection is enhanced with a hint of refinement and zest.
  5. Heets Teak Selection Pack – With nutty notes, this balanced roasted tobacco blend has a smooth, creamy texture. The refined nutty aromas deliver an intense taste that satisfies your tobacco cravings.
  6. Heets Yellow Green Selection Bundle – The yellow green tobacco selection, with its rich and spicy notes, is balanced with herbal notes and a rich citrus character to produce a sophisticated and mature blend.

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