Finding the Right Heets Flavor_ A Quick Guide

Finding the Right Heets Flavor: A Quick Guide

As a new user, it’s encouraged to check out all of the different IQOS heet tastes because they’re particularly intended for usage with the IQOS device. You’ll know which IQOS heet taste works best for you after you’ve identified your favorite. Here are top 3 flavors of IQOS heet sticks to try before making your ultimate pick.

1. Heets Amber Selection

Heets Amber Label is said to have one of the strongest flavors available in the collection of Heets classics. With the aroma of Heets Amber Label you can definitely notice the amount of tobacco.

2. Heets Yellow Selection

Heets Yellow Selection is the perfect choice for the smoker who uses cigarettes frequently and wants medium level of tobacco. Users of yellow Heets label say that the yellow flavor is a little less intense than amber.

3. Heets Turquoise Selection

Turquoise Heets Label is no doubt one of the best classic Heets tobacco brands. It has a flavor that comes off a bit bitter and a little bit strong. This is the perfect collection for people who are looking for depth of cooling experience and a medium level of tobacco.

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