Heets IQOS vs Cigarettes_ A Quick Comparison

Heets IQOS vs Cigarettes: A Quick Comparison

According to a new report, e-cigarettes like those offered by IQOS have a high success rate in aiding habitual tobacco users to stop their dangerous habits. This is mostly because IQOS is considerably safer than regular cigarettes. Furthermore, the IQOS is “addictive since it includes nicotine, but probably less dangerous than smoking tobacco cigarettes,” according to the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

Although there was some ambiguity, IQOS was judged as less dangerous than smoking but not risk-free. The following factors influenced people’s perceptions of harm:

1. Although suspicion of the tobacco industry reinforced skepticism about risks, the dominance of manufacturer statements affected views that IQOS is less dangerous than smoking to users and others around them.

2. Heets contents and heating process: heating, as opposed to burning, was judged to create fewer dangerous chemicals, whereas tobacco, nicotine, and compounds in Heets were believed to cause some very less harm.

3. Differences in sensory sensations (taste, sight, and smell) while using IQOS instead of smoking reduced feelings of harm. There are so many reasons which concludes IQOS to be more safer than traditional smoking.

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